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Joseph L Young is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist known for his captivating and atmospheric compositions that lead listeners into an immersive journey of self-discovery. With his unique blend of genre-defying ambient, New Age, Native and jazz fusion, contemporary instrumental, and world music influences, Joseph is a versatile artist who creates multi-layered sonic experiences that help people work through their emotions, releasing negative energy and serving as a catalyst to help with transformation and growth. Through carefully crafted layers of instrumentation, including keyboards, synths, flutes, saxophones, and various world instruments, Joseph creates rich musical landscapes that immediately capture the imagination. Joseph’s music also showcases his exceptional talent for creating mesmerizing melodies. Whether through delicate piano notes or haunting flute and saxophone solos, his melodies have a way of resonating deeply with the listener. There is a sense of emotional depth and introspection in his tranquil and serene compositions, inviting meditative contemplation along with relaxation. His new single, “Wish You Were Here,” is dedicated to all those who have left this lifetime far too soon. We still miss and love them and, indeed, wish they were still here. This beautiful composition has a sinewy, winding melody that straight away relaxes the mind, body, and spirit. Layered in are some soothing, ethereal vocals, adding additional texture to the overall sound. Whether enjoyed as a backdrop for relaxation, meditation, or simply as a means of escape, this piece offers a truly captivating musical experience that is both soothing and uplifting. Here we have a transcendent quality that draws us into the mysteries of life and death, while also bringing us back to our center. The flute and sax performances are outstanding as is all the rest. For the full experience, be sure to watch the video, which will go live on June 28, 2023. Here: With this video, Joseph has created a wonderful multi-dimensional environment for his musical performance. In this video, he created a virtual set in which he also appears in playing flute and sax. Perfection. Get the single, releasing June 29, 2023.” - Dyan Garris

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Fear of the unknown may be the greatest fear of all –  but listening to Joseph L Young’s album "Into the Unknown" makes those first few steps into uncharted territory seem a lot less daunting. Thanks to Young’s masterful compositions, spotless arrangements and usual saxophone and flute brilliance, the land beyond the horizon is, to quote one of the titles, within reach. It is a genuine treasure chest for any New Age music fan. It is only July, but I can already say that Into the Unknown will be on many Best of 2022-lists. ... I’m once again amazed by Joseph Young’s vibrant and dynamic storytelling, which makes this musical odyssey not only deeply compelling – but also highly inspirational. It is music, but its “literary” qualities are right there on the surface. Like a well-written novel, perhaps in the fantasy or sci-fi genres, it takes hold of the listener from the very beginning.” - BT Fasmer

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A divergent path is something that multi-instrumentalist Joseph L Young knows well. Sometimes known as a talented lead sax player, this composer has found a new kind of magic and uses it to enter Into the Unknown as his new album is called. The recording is almost an hour long of New Age and ambient flute music on eleven tracks. Using deftly created synth mixes, Young unlocks eleven doors that invite the listener on a spectacular aural journey. … Based on this finely crafted music, I’d follow him Into the Unknown. Highly listenable.” - R J Lannan

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Honestly, artists like Joseph L Young are rare and "Into the Unknown" underscores his mastery of crisscrossing and merging genres with not just skill but artistry. This is a revelatory release and deserves to be deep-dived by any listener who enjoys adventurous yet accessible instrumental music.” - Bill Binkelman

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