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Wish You Were Here (single) - 2023 - Available Now! “A truly captivating musical experience that is both soothing and uplifting. …a transcendent quality that draws us into the mysteries of life and death…”  Watch on YouTube. Purchase on Bandcamp.
Into the Unknown - 2022 - "A genre-defying multi-cultural musical journey...Sometimes dark and mysterious and sometimes more buoyant and soaring."  Stream on Spotify.  Purchase on Bandcamp.
Secrets of Stone (single) - 2021 - Inspired by the artist's concussion and subsequent travels where he discovered mysterious stone castles.  Stream on Soundcloud or Spotify.  Watch the Video.  Purchase on Bandcamp.  
Remembrance of Time (single) - 2020 - Hauntingly gorgeous Chinese Xiao Flute & Piano duet with Lynn Tredeau. Stream on Spotify. Purchase on Bandcamp.
Broken Pieces (single) - 2020 - Luscious sax & piano duet with Lynn Tredeau. Stream on Spotify. Watch the Video. Purchase on Bandcamp.
Between Worlds (single) - 2019 - Take a journey to another world where the piper calls home the light for a listen. Featuring low whistle, harp, cello.  Visit "Between Worlds" at Bandcamp or any of your favorite digital sites.  Watch the video on YouTube.
Winter Memories (single) - 2018 - Instrumental holiday tune inspired by warm memories of winter celebrations.  Featuring a nostalgic combination of saxophone, flute and pennywhistle unique to Joseph L Young's signature sound.  Find it on Bandcamp today.

Every Moment - 2018 - For his fifth album, acclaimed flutist Joseph L Young returns to the instrument which first awakened his muse—the saxophone. Every Moment marries soulful sax with flowing new age melodies, lightly sprinkled with elements of ambient textures and chilled rhythms. All of this is wrapped up in Young's usual top-notch production quality. Prepare to hear Joseph L Young in a whole new light, where every moment is musical bliss.  Sampler Video. See Reviews.  Featuring: Cornell Kinderknecht on bansuri flute for Time Traveler. Lisa Bittick on viola for Chronos DreamsLetting Go vocals and lyrics by Rona Yellow Robe.


Ethereum - 2016 - Young's  multi-award winning fourth album contains exquisite heart-touching melodies with a variety of ethnic flutes interwoven with traditional and modern instruments, bringing forth a sense of deep passion and spirit. Ethereum is truly world-fusion music, grounded in the past, created for healing today.  Sampler Video.  See Reviews and Awards. Featuring: Lenise Redding on vocals for Boundless and Free.


Life Spring - 2013 - A passionately lush and inspiring fusion of traditional world flutes with the contemporary, including six pieces created for Idaho Dance Theatre's exploration of the transformative nature of water.  See ReviewFeaturing: Doc Woolf's throat singing and didgeridoo on Toxin. Stream of Thought co-written by Mike Lemieux, on keyboard.


Face The Wind - 2010 - Face the Wind is a Native American Style Flute based album with contemporary world and jazz musical influences. See Review.  Featuring: Matt Roos on guitar for Taking Flight, Blue Lizard, MoJoe, Touch the Earth and Amore de la Rosa; Jenny Willison on keyboard for Touch the Earth; Ken Kolman on bass guitar for Taking Flight and Amore de la Rosa, and percussion on Touch the Earth; and Dustin MacFadden-Elliott on percussion for Taking Flight, Moonrise, Aurora and Amore de la Rosa. MoJoe improvised and recorded live, co-written by Matt Roos.  Touch the Earth recorded live.


Pathways - 2004 - An infusion of old and new.  Native American Style Flute, Irish Tin Whistle (and the occasional Saxophone) combined with lush backgrounds and percussive beats of modern pop, jazz and tribal. See ReviewsFeaturing: Mike Lemieux on piano for Autumn; Matt Roos on guitar, Randy Black on percussion, and David MacFadden-Elliott on bass for Autumn and Dust Devil; and Olivia MacFadden-Elliott on vocals and Jesse R. Jones on gong for Through the Mist.

Pathways is available via Digital Download only; physical CDs out of stock.