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"Secrets of Stone" - New Release!

Was it a coincidence that I had a concussion when I wrote this rather dark, odd-sounding song?

I mostly don't believe in coincidences.

In early 2020 after my head-bonk, but before I knew I was concussed, I was traveling to Denver and was lucky enough to discover some mysterious rock formations along the way. I spent several hours exploring the Trekky stonescape, and wondered what secrets had long been held within those weathered stones. I tried to capture their essence with photos and videos, but that didn't truly do justice to the other-worldly aura they radiated. Alas, inspiration for music is everywhere in life.

As a public service announcement, please do take all bonks to your noggin very seriously. I consider myself lucky that it was probably a mild case, even though it still hampered me for close to a year after it happened. But I came out the other side ok, and I got this cool song I am finally ready to share with you.

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"Remembrance of Time" - Latest Single


A hauntingly gorgeous Chinese Xiao Flute & Piano duet with Lynn Tredeau.

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