EVERY MOMENT - It has been a few years since I covered Joseph L. Young’s Ethereum  album. The focus on that album was the flute, now we have the arrival of Every Moment at the end of March. This time around there is a focus more on the saxophone, however, the flute is mixed in as well.


The many layers of instrumentation make the 12 tracks on this CD a delightful journey for the listener. I appreciated the mixture of all the instruments. The use of the synthesizer layered between the sax is brilliant. The atmospheres are a combination of new age and smooth jazz. I love that combination and most certainly would like to hear more. The variety is what draws me and keeps me interested.


When I looked at all of the influences of this artist it was a clarification of why I enjoy his music so much. Many of the artists mentioned, were some that provided an introduction to jazz and new age music for me as well.


Being pleased with a recording is acceptance. It is the first level of listening. I do not think you can go anywhere with the music unless you find commonality with it. For me, this was easy listening to Joseph’s offerings. The first thing is how you are stimulated by is the cover, which has many different meanings. It is placed before you to decide where you want it to take you. If Every Momentwas precious to you and you felt grateful to be alive, don’t you think that your existence here on this earth would be more rewarding? So maybe this is what the artist is trying to say on the cover of the CD and in his music.

I think the cover is a work of art and the music that follows is as well. Elements of world, Native American, jazz, new age, and chill are all part of the package on Every Moment. This album was a nice change from what I normally hear when listening to new age. It is very original and inventive. I hesitate to say unique but it definitely is an eclectic mix that I enjoyed from beginning to end. That is a major accomplishment for any artist to achieve with a listener.  When you hear so much music all the time it becomes harder to find originality and a step away from the norm. For my ears that is a fact.


A fine example of that kind of diversity I am referring to is the eleventh track (by no coincidence) titled “Eleventh Hour.” It starts off with a swirling synth emulating the wind then the track takes off and continues to evolve. With nearly 6 minutes of that sax mesmerizing you and the synth melting away your stress makes for a very interesting progressive composition that invites you to listen very carefully. It is more thought-provoking and energizing than meditative tracks, which many of the other tracks can be. This is what makes it all so intriguing, you never know what is coming next.


Joseph L Young gives us another masterpiece of sound and color to listen to. Just remember one thing, savor Every Moment of this gift of music and spirituality and thank Joseph when you can.


5/5 Stars

Every Moment - As I move into my 30th year of writing music reviews, I continue to be amazed by the high quality of music coming in here each and every day… and Joseph’s high quality work on his new release (due to be released in March, 2018) is one of the best examples of that perfection… as you’ll see on his BIO, he is a master of flute, keyboards and saxophone… you will find his musical discipline accomplishes exactly what he was trying to achieve (per the liner notes that accompanied this release… “I want my music to take listeners on a journey of discovery, to help them work through their emotions, releasing the negative as they grow and change, and serving as a catalyst to help with their transformation.”).  Songs like the 5:37 opener, “Prism” perfectly reflect his sincere love for music and the power it has to change the course of humanity… truly one of the most emotionally evocative compositions I have listened to (yet) in 2018!  Here's a “teaser” clip from the album.


Joseph has a whole host of music up on his YouTube channel, so be sure and SUBSCRIBE while you’re there.


Be sure you listen to this with your headphones on… things get out into the orchestral zone, and beautiful overtones are achieved on the 5:17 “Time Traveler”… Joseph’s string-work on this song will dig down deep into your soul and help you launch your own journey to the stars!


The dozen songs he has put together for the album are all pure joy, but one that includes Native American flute (by his friends Dan and Jean Selchow), “Vicariously Blue”, is certainly among my favorites… this tune will (I predict) be nominated for awards in more than one category (at ZMR & elsewhere, I suspect).


It is the weave of keyboard with saxophone and nature sounds on the closer, “Evening Repose”, that made it my personal favorite of the twelve offered up for your aural enlightenment… it is the longest composition on the album, and perfect for closure to the transformation you have experienced during this wonderful one-hour interlude.


I give this album a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99… it is definitely an album worth owning, and will give you aural pleasure for years to come.  Get more information about this highly talented composer at Joseph’s website.  You can also see a posting about the album at ZMR.

Ethereum"Listening to the music of Joseph L Young on his fourth and latest release, I was transported by his exquisite blend of the earthy and the ethereal… the worldly and the otherworldly. ..."  Read the Full Feature on Music and Media Focus by Michael Diamond.


The Magic of the Flute!


I listened to Joseph L Young’s Ethereum several times and in different ways. Joseph is a world master with the flute and he plays keyboards as well. To say he is multi-talented is the proper explanation to be sure.


I was very intrigued while listening to this music through my speakers however once I heard it through my iPod and ear buds the effects were more impactful. This is new age and world music intersecting to become one powerful entity.


I felt as if I was right inside this beautiful space that the artist had created with his music. There are several factors that come into existence when you are in this frame of mind. On a personal level, I was going through some emotional and physical pain and I needed some relief. The opportunity to take another road presented itself and I took it.


Ethereum opened the gateway to healing and a meditative state where all my difficulties no longer existed. It was like a higher power focused in on me and waved a hand to change everything. The earthy tones that emanate from the native wooden flute and layers of gentle synthesizer, is like taking the best of the old and new worlds to another level. I think Mr. Young found a level of magnificence that comes by being tuned in to your surroundings and a strong spiritual connection. This I believe is an energy source that drives and inspires you. I have found this to be realized in many different stages of life and in my own personal development. In this case, it was relating to music which can be a most useful tool to open a door to get to the other side.


If you seek a better space, a different mindset or just casual relaxation through sounds then I would highly recommend Ethereum. The trade-off is more than fair; your complete undivided attention to the music and the gift of enlightenment is received.


Artists such as Joseph L Young know how to do it all. The process of writing, recording and producing an entire album is a major accomplishment. If you have a multitude of abilities that you bring to the party to reach that goal, well that is just amazing.


Listen to the sounds of the magical and mystical flute provided by one of the best, bliss is guaranteed.

Ethereum - Joseph L Young is a world-flute master and keyboardist whose fourth album, Ethereum, is comprised of twelve beautiful compositions that showcase his multi-instrumentalist talents and keen ability to tap into the essence of music from various cultures. Among the instruments Joseph plays are Native American flutes, Chinese flutes, South and Central American clay drone flutes, Irish pennywhistle, and even Saxophone on one track. These exotic elements are deftly interwoven among indigenous percussion and atmospheric synthesizers, thereby lending an overall shamanic and trance-inducing quality to several of the compositions. ...


Brushed by colorful hues of various cultures throughout, it’s easy to slip into a deep zone while listening to this album. I’m especially fond of the many echoing effects and intricate textures throughout these beautifully relaxing and soulfully rejuvenating passages. ... Ethereum is a wholly rewarding excursion into ethno-ambient flute music!


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Ethereum - The delights of a good flute player are pleasing to the ear and mind, the pleasures of an excellent flute player are good for the heart and soul, and as is the case with Joseph L Young, they bring balance and harmony to the ever increasing cacophony of life’s frenetic life style.


Young is back with a new album called Ethereum, and from the very first offering called Wavelength, is as soft and silky as a summer cloud in July. The connection here is both clever and stylish, as we connect with the wavelength of Young’s intent, and begin yet another wonderful musical journey together. 


Ethereum as an album is very appealing and as a track, most exquisite in its construction, the plethora of flutes used in its manifestation are numerous, and thanks to these magicians of musical making, we can with ease, visualise wide open vista’s, beautiful forests growing in abundance in the early morning light, all in an utterly wonderful ethereal mist filled way. ... 


The longest piece off the release at just less than five and a half minutes is called Free. For me this is one of the most poignant tracks off the album, the added vocals here say it all, it’s time to be free and wash away all that is holding you back, all that you thought to be true about yourself, and simply be Free. This was my favourite song from this brilliant album; it reminded me of my friend Nigel Shaw from Dartmoor in style on flute, but the nice use of crescendo and the positive vibe that it contains really makes for me, the stand out composition from Ethereum. ... 


Ethereum is an album of pure bliss; it has a perfect sense of balance in its overall manifestation and creation, the tones are calming, the flutes are Young’s paint brushes and here our artist in residence has demonstrated and exhibited his best works for us to all enjoy. ... Joseph L Young and Ethereum, is a must for all who seek a little moment of sanity in a world filled with craziness. 


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Ethereum - "Delightfully far-reaching and inspirational, Ethereum is a treasure for aficionados of the flute, and connoisseurs of consciousness-expanding music. Highly recommended!"

Ethereum - "This is powerful music for meditation, relaxation, healing modalities, and ritual work. This magical music transports the listener into an alternative mind-space continuum. A fabulous album for all and highly recommended."  Read the Full Review.

Ethereum - "As pure listening fare, Ethereum is an ecology of meditative intellectualism contemplating itself inside and out, an oasis formed by closing one’s eyes and just listening, at which point the self expands into the world, and the mind-theater adventures become your own. But there’s more. ..."  Read the Full Review by Veritas.

Ethereum - "If you have not yet experienced the mesmerizing musical magic of flute master Joseph L Young, get ready."  Read the Full Review.


A Beautiful Journey


I recently wrote to Joe and told him I wasn't sure which genre/playlist his music fit into for me....so I created a Joe Young playlist for all 4 of his CDs...problem solved. Every time I listen to Ethereum I discover more layers and subtleties, while staying grounded in a journey that feels exciting and familiar (comforting). Listen to the song "Shimmer" and you'll discover why Irish whistles exist (they seem to have been invented just for this song). And the refrain in the song keeps me grounded in a familiar (there's that word again) place that is breathtakingly beautiful. Listen to "Past Lives" and visualize the dance between the low and high flutes...weaving back and forth...supporting each other while keeping you grounded. Buy Ethereum...start listening...take the musical journey that your soul has been waiting for. You won't be disappointed.

Ethereum - Come and enjoy the incredible flute-playing of Joseph L Young from his album ETHEREUM.  Find some site online where they let you sample the music and give a few of these tunes a listen.  You will not regret it.


Young is an exceptional musician working in the new age and world-fusion arenas.  He writes beautiful melodies and plays some of the warmest and most creative flute sounds around.  He supplements his world flutes with synth, hammered dulcimer, sax, ethnic percussion, harp and tin whistle.  Some of the tunes are ethereal while others are more melodic and structured.  Much of it is soft and slow, perfect for slowing down and relaxing after a fast-paced day.  Simply beautiful music all the way around.


Haunting, Mesmerizing World-Influenced Flute Playing By Joseph L Young 

... With most ethnic flutes, superb playing is not about speed, but about imparting emotions, feelings, warmth and imagery through music.  That is what Young is all about.  His music fits well in the soft, gentle, relaxing new age music category as well as the world-fusion genre....  [H]is fourth [album], Ethereum, was just released and it is superb.  He compliments the flutes and old-style instrumentation with synth sounds including strings and washes and gentle counter-melodies. ... If you like soft, slow, gentle, mesmerizing new age music with a touch of world influences and the haunting sound of native flutes, this one is for you.


Joseph L Young Encapsulates Native Flute Playing Within A New-Age-World Sound


I like Native American wood flute playing mixed with other instrumentation and Joseph L Young from Idaho gives us that and much more on his album, Ethereum.  ...  This is a very pleasurable album for anyone who likes ethnic flutes especially Native American ones encapsulated in a sort of new age world overall sound.


Joseph L Young, the keyboard/flute ace known at all the better neo hippie/new age hot spots, brings his chops to bear on his fourth album that sets some new age standards. ... Well-played and well-produced, this is a set for the seeker that thinks they have heard it all and wants a pleasant surprise.

Join Chrissie Sheppard on One World Music Radio as she talks to Joseph L Young about his album Ethereum.

Join Chrissie Sheppard on One World Music Radio as she talks to Joseph L Young about his music and his life.

Life Spring - I must say from the off, to review an album of such depth and content so vast, was an utterly pleasurable way for me to start the working week, I am extremely impressed with Life Spring by Joseph L Young and here dear readers is why.


From the very first track Gaea’s Tears, we have a doorway opened up for us to a new musical dimension entirely, forget all that you thought you knew about flute music, as Young is going to take you across the border and back again.


Life Spring by Joseph L Young is an album of total quality and regardless of your particular penchant for a style or genre of music, I would recommend this album to you in a heartbeat, it’s a magical moment of flute genius that you just have to be a part of.


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Joseph L. Young - Pathways
2004, Joseph L. Young

Boise, Idaho’s Joseph L. Young is a musician, composer and sound engineer who happens to play some of the most innovative Native American flute music going. He’s also quite accomplished with a tin whistle and a saxophone. In 2004 he released his solo debut,Pathways. Check this out.

Pathways is a haunting collection of Native American flute songs that is both peaceful and provoking. Joseph L. Young has a particular knack for melody and arrangement that takes this far above and beyond your typical flute recording. Young's panache also suggests a theatric bent, like many of these songs might have walked off the soundtrack of a movie. Full of dark and disturbingly beautiful melodies, Pathways will stick with you long after the final notes have faded away. Highlights include Touch The Earth, Autumn, Dusk, Shaman's Dream and Through The Mist.

While many traditional Native American flute recordings sound mournful, Joseph L. Young's compositions reflect the melancholy of a nation that has lost itself over many generations but still holds the hope of their grandfathers. Pathways is a haunting and beautiful reminder that music doesn't always need to be a wall of sound to blow us away.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

Face the Wind

Soothing and mesmerizing melodic experience

From Idaho, Joseph L. Young has released his second album “Face the Wind,” and it will be warmly received as a stellar showcase of his creativity and musicianship. An artist of breathtaking ability who is frequently seen on the flute festival circuit, Young composed and arranged all of the compositions on “Face the Wind.” He uses a variety of flutes, and the album also includes affable flavorings of his own saxophone, percussion and wind synthesizer. The title cut, performed solo as a flute tribute to a deceased friend, opens Young’s album. In fact, the entire album is dedicated to “friends that were taken from us too quickly.” Fortunately, the album is not packed with just mournful, sad music. Young’s enchanting repertoire always keeps flute in the forefront while evoking a sense of calm within the great ocean of serenity. He demonstrates has an alluring knack for being able to incorporate Native American, jazz, oriental and world sensibilities into his seductive music. By track two (“Taking Flight”), Matt Roos’ acoustic guitar, Ken Kolman’s bass guitar, and Dustin McFadden-Elliott’s percussion are added to the mix. Track three (“Moyolude”) features Young’s short solo on the pensive Moyo drum. “Blue Lizard” has an infectious melody, and Young’s use of his Yamaha Wind Synth on “Dream Walk” conjures images of suspended consciousness through time and space. Liner notes failed to credit the understated vocalizing on this track, but I’m told that it was actually Joe’s own chant. “MoJoe” is a live free-form improvised piece with guitarist Matt Roos, who spontaneously co-penned the tune with Young in a jam. 

Throughout the project, we hear tastefully-arranged instrumental interplay that makes for a very soothing and mesmerizing melodic experience. Young’s outstanding soundscapes result in bountiful rewards. “Face the Wind” has colorful music that takes flight, soars above limits, walks with dreams, touches hearts, and basks in the sun. His memorable and breezy music simply celebrates life. (Joe Ross, Roseburg, Or.)


Awesome Music!

This music has the ability to take you to other worlds. Joseph's sax and penny whistle transport you through the mists of time - to a place where you long to stay forever. I listened to this CD over and over again. Thank-you Joseph for this beautiful music!


Great mix of haunting Native American flute music and soothing instrumentals with the sax and tin whistle. Joe has real talent and flair for peaceful music. I can hardly wait for his next cd!


Very moving!

This album touchs a person at all levels and can relax, heal and revive, and do them at the same time. A blessing for meditation, a useful tool for healing, but a joy for just listening after a hard day.

Mr. Young is an excellent flute player, very personable and very professional. He has a passion for his playing, is very informative and has great people skills. I would recommend him to anyone needing his expertise and would certainly look into having him return to the fire center for a return performance. Thank you Mr. Young on a job well done!


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