~ Indian Summer Music Awards (ISMA, 2017) ~

  • Awarded to “Ethereum” in the Native Spirit category


~ Zone Music Reporter (ZMR) ~

  • Debuted at #6 on Top 100 Chart
  • Placed in the Top 100 for seven months
  • Qualified for Album of the Year (2016)
  • Qualified for Best Relaxation/Meditation Album (2016)


~ One World Music Radio (OWMR) ~

  • Hit #1 on Top 100 Chart
  • Placed in the Top 5 for seven months
  • Nominated for Best Album (2016)
  • Named #3 Best New Age Album (2016)


~ Our Place Radio ~

  • Named #2 Album of the Year (2016)


~ Global Music Awards (December 2016) ~

  • Awarded Triple Silver Medals for Outstanding Achievement as Composition/Composer, Instrumentalist and Album


~ International Acoustic Music Awards (IAMA, 13th Annual, 2016) ~

  • “Illumination” selected as Finalist in Instrumental Category


~ Great American Song Contest (18th Annual, 2016) ~

  • “Shimmer” and “Entangled” selected as Finalists in Instrumental category


“We found Shimmer to be consistently engaging!  The assessable thematic refrain gives this song a distinct identity, not to mention the impeccable world inspired musicianship.  This clearly has an earthy yet ethereal quality that captures the spirit of the immersive ambient mood.”


“The beautifully crafted world ambient theme of Entangled is immediately engaging.  This song induces a sensual vibe, as the title implies.  The saxophone meets Indian flute is an original combination that really works!  Good luck and congratulations!  You are exceptionally talented - Keep pressing on with your Muse!”


~ The Akademia Music Awards (November 2016) ~

  • Awarded Best Ambient/Instrumental Album


"With a select acoustic palette coupled with a fertile imagination, Joseph L Young has crafted a masterful collection of ambient songs that will thrill and inspire."

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