Joseph L. Young’s music reaches beyond the boundaries of expectation typical of instrumentals.  He believes music should have no restrictions, and this belief is represented by his eclectic compositions which intertwine a diversity of world flutes, saxophones, a wind synthesizer, keyboard and various percussion and string instruments into eloquent musical experiences.  His songs have been hailed as healing, inspiring and beautifully haunting, transporting the listener on a personal journey to other worlds.


Joe's innovative talent and passion for his art are especially evident during his engaging live performances.  On stage, he captivates audiences nationwide with his creative versatility on specialty world flutes such as the Anasazi, Chinese xiao, Irish pennywhistle, Slovakian fujara and Chinese hulusi, as well as his professional command of the alto and soprano saxophones and Native American flutes.  In addition to solo headlining at festivals across the Nation, Joe also performs locally around Boise, Idaho with Thee Corvids (flutes, sax, percussion and vocals), The Restless Souls Band (sax and flutes) and Beltane (percussion and flutes).


Joe shares his expertise through private lessons and group instruction at flute schools throughout the west.  With subjects ranging from beginning flute to embellishment, musical communication, stage craft, showmanship and inspiration, students of all abilities find Joe to be a patient, gracious, motivating and knowledgeable teacher.


In addition to being a talented composer, dynamic performer and favored instructor, Joe is a consummate producer with three CDs to his credit:  “Pathways”, “Face the Wind”, and just released the summer of 2013 “Life Spring”, a collaboration with Idaho Dance Theater which explores the many aspects of water.  In his free time, Joe enjoys camping, hiking, and is trying his hand at ukulele.


Want to see Joe Young in your city?

Joe Young's performances and workshops are made available when people like you want him to appear in your area for house concerts, at community centers and other local venues, for charitable events or at places of worship, and during fairs and festivals.  Joe is also available for private lessons in your city or his, and soon online by Skype!  Contact Joe for more info.